COVID-19 Updates

Our staff are keeping you protected from Covid by wearing additional PPE to include N95 mask, surgical mask, surgical cap, surgical gowns, and a face shield. We are having patients wait in their car upon arrival and a staff member will greet them, take their temperature and screen them with a Covid questionnaire.


We have added top of the line equipment to make our office safer and to keep our patients and staff healthy.


DuraMax Extraoral Suction System.  This aerosol control system removes contaminants produced during dental procedures including droplets, aerosols, blood, dust and virus while using the most advanced Quattro layer filtration system to kill virus and bacteria absorbed with over 99.9% efficiency.

During your next hygiene appointment you will see a new device called a shieldVav.  Here is a short video explaining how it helps both the patient and staff members stay even safer during this crazy time in our lives.

AirSoap’s Electric Wind Technology generates a high-energy plasma field that kills bacteria and viruses while polarizes airborne particles.  The bacteria are then collected in a filter less graphene system, resulting in air that is cleaner and healthier than what traditional filter-based air purifiers can provide.